Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 1 part 2

My phone got all screwy on my last post and lost a bunch ugh so now I have to write it again but what else am I doing .... Right :)

So where did I get to? Oh yea Roswell, we stopped at mcds (yes again) to change diapers etc, when I came out of the bathroom it had starts to snow..... Wth where did that come from???

So then we try decide whether to keep going or not?? We decide to keep going as it may get worse if we spend the night and then we would be spending christmas in Roswell which while appealing, was not what I wanted to be doing THIS Christmas!! Lol

So we plow on I drove which is why there is a lack of pictures of the snow I saw. We were only about 100 miles from where we were stopping and so figured alamogordo was desert so it had to get better at some point right????

It did get better then it got lots worse. We stopped at the top of some mountain, in ruidoso? I think. I run into a hotel and the guy there even said we should keep going as it would get better and otherwise we may get stuck there. So here we are 40 miles from alamogordo wondering when the heck the cars were going to randomly stop spinning in the street???

So Kent took over and we headed down a mountain full of snow it was 23 degrees and we were accompanied by lots of 18 wheelers ... Joy.

After the scariest 30 miles of my life squeezed into the back with my babies we got to Alamogordo yeee-frickin-haw a nice hotel, clean babies and a bed....goooood night

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