Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cute Poem..

I will try to remember this when hes screaming! LOL and I feel like I have no idea!!

A Baby's Choice Did you ever think, dear Mother, As the seeds of me you sowed, As you breathed new life inside of me and slowly watched me grow, In all your dreams about me When you planned me out so well, When you couldn't wait to have me there Inside your heart to dwell, Did you ever think that maybe I was planning for you, too, And choosing for my very own A mother just like you? A mother who smelled sweet and who Had hands so creamy white, A tender, loving creature Who would soothe me in the night? Did you ever think in all those days While you were coming due, That as you planned a life for me I sought a life with you? Anf now as I lay in your arms, I wonder if you knew While you were busy making me, I was choosing you!

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