Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So Fall is officially in the air! Tonight we attended the very first Stars game of the season! Its preseason, but that just means more goals, more fights! LOL

Today I made the extravgant purchase of the new jersey for my wonderful husband! He truly has proved he can do both, hes a great husband and outstanding father! He has all the time in the world for Hendrix, and actually is better at some things with him than I am! I knew he had been eyeing it and it wasnt something that would wait til Christmas time! So Hendrix and I went and bought it at the Stars Center, Hendrix was so calm and serene while we were there, I wonder if it felt like home to him! LOL I hope so! :)

Anyway, upon arriving home someone had posted on the board I frequent that they had free tickets, well.. I couldnt turn that down! So we made the calls, and by the time Kent got home, he put his new jersey on, and we packed up the baby, Kent REALLY wanted to take Hendrix to his first Stars game, but I think he is just too young, and Mimi couldnt wait to see him again. After hightailling it to Fairview to drop him off, we met up with Brant, got parking that was about 20 ft from will call, and got our tickets!

100 block tickets! on the defensive end! They were amazing! I think they may be a little out of our price range, but for tonight it rocked!

Awwwww look how happy he is! LOL

My vacation started well! and we got our night out! Kent had a great time.. and had the people around us laughing at his hockey commentation! LOL

And now.. A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP, no waking up panicing about baby, although I probably will!! I cant wait! :)

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