Monday, September 10, 2007

Poor baby!

Well I gues today counts as Hendrixs' first sick day. :( He woke up last night throwing up and has done a few times today. But when we woke up this morning he was still my smiley baby! he ate a bottle, threw it up, and smiled some more. Its so hard to tell if hes actually sick or not! He had some pedialyte and hes napping so we may try some more formula when he wakes up. He has no fever, just feels cruddy i am sure!

**This pic was NOT taken today - that would be too mean!**

On Sat we visited with Amy and April and he was done by the time we left Amys, which was the first place we went! LOL hes such a homebody! I had his Mimi (Kents Mum) bib on and I couldnt resist this pic! Mimi has been sick and hasnt seen Hendrix in about 10 days, so I know she misses him.. in this pic he looks like he would rather be with Mimi! LOL

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LK said...

That should say I'd rather be with Auntie L. Mimi is great and all but come on!