Friday, June 01, 2007

Thats it.. its over!!!!

NO MORE eating like I am PG, not that I have since I had Little H, but I have still been allowing myself things that I wouldnt normally, and while people say dont be hard on yourself, you need the energy etc.. I am lucky enough to have a sweet sweet baby that loves his sleep as much as his mummy and daddy do! So I really am not feeling TOOO sleep deprived.. so I dont need to fill that gap with energy food.

I have become dangerously dependant on coffee in the AM, starbucks at anytime, and naps with Hendrix in the afternoon (given the chance). But it makes for a happy mummy :)

So yesterday marked my first full time day on the South Beach diet again ( no waiting til Monday for me!) LOL I did well all day, I dont think Kent liked the chicken breast and veggies though.. LOL

I have 50 pounds to go! It seems like sooo much, I cant believe I let that happen, but halfish is still baby weight and then I have that 10 pounds a year you gain from being married! I am hoping by Decemeber I am back to my wedding weight :)

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