Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My BIG boy!

Hendrix' 1 month appt was today.. and as I figured hes gaining just fine! :)
He is now 10 pounds 3 oz (still not as big as his daddy when he was born) he's growing WAAAY too fast!!! hes 22 inches.. and so 50-75 percentile for height and weight!

They are watching is right eye, as it wasnt responding to the light they way the doc would have liked.. but he was VERY tired when we got there and his eyes get lazy when hes tired.. he said it should correct itself by 4 months.. but he is going to watch it at each visit. He had one shot, which he DIDNT like at all! but we stuck a bottle in his mouth and he was fine! :)
Hes starting to look dark too, and his eyes look like they are turning brown :)
Oh and hes starting to really enjoy bath time! ;)

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