Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hendrix first Dr appointment!

Today was Hendrix' first trip to the dr. I must say he did real well.. what with the nakedness and the prodding poor thing!!!

I was very shocked! he stats are great and apparently the Dr said we are great parents, and whatever we are doing, keep doing it! We felt very proud!

SO when he was born at 7lb 12oz, left the hospital at 7lb 7oz and today weighed in at a whopping 8lbs 5OZ!!! I was under the impression he was just supposed to gain his birthweight back.. so we know we are feeding him enough.. and before you panic that he is going to be a chub hes also gained 2.5 inches!!!! he was 18.5 at birth and 21 inches today.. whoaa... we MAY have some Gates genes down here!!!

Apart from that he had his second PKU test and only cried a little (I had a bottle in his mouth) :)

I also ventured out on my own when we got home .. so that I could get some stuff done that Kent had no interest in!! I had no problems and its all feeling so much better now.. and I am only taking 2 ibruprofen a day.. ( large doses mind you! ).

Tommorrow Nana Dane comes.. so we will have more fun guests at our house! I know hes excited as he took forever to get to sleep tonight.. :) he was pooped when we got home!

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jessi said...

That's great! The world needs more tall men.