Thursday, May 10, 2007

His fathers son!

Remind you of anyone??? (look at his hand!)

There is so much more of Kent in this child than anyone would have imagined! Firstly it looks like he will have blonde hair.. oh well.. and he could possible have his dads steely blue eyes.. he has his ears, HEAD!!! chin, and he also has his tempremant.. we have noticed that when there are lots of people he will either put himself to sleep or he will cry and when you lay him in his cool, quiet crib he will stop and go to sleep.. so it seems no one could deny Kent of this child! :) I did say all along that I hoped he was like Kent, I knew then he would be laid back and calm.

Although his new thing last night was refusing to go to sleep.. Kent also does that! :)

1 comment:

LK said...

He has your eyes- and I hope some of your personality- a little Kent goes a long way. Tee Hee- (get it? a little Kent...)LK