Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers day!

And heres a pic of Kent! LOL I actually didnt get ANY pics with my little one yesterday.. OH well.. there was a lot going on! Hendrix spent the day with family, first surrounded by ALL the mommies.. and then his cousins babysit (the pictures of which are at He slept really well last night.. after his evening melt down! Today he has spent some calm time awake and has slept alot! So I hope he still sleeps tonight!

My first Mothers day was great.. a bit of a whirlwind as it seems we didnt stop all day! I got a beautiful locket from my DH! he even added his own touch.. it says SDS instead of SJS (just because I use that more now) and he didnt like the way Monograms were laid out so he had them do it this way (in most your last initial is in the middle) :) Its gorgeous and I love it.. I just have to print teeny tiny pics to go in it now!

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