Tuesday, June 05, 2007


So it seems... after going through old pics, that it wasnt too long ago that I looked OK! I never ever thought I was skinny by any means, but looking back man I would give anything to get back down to my wedding weight.. granted I was only that weight for about 10 mins.. but I know I can do it again! After going through a bunch of pictures I have come across these.. I am hoping they will motivate me! Heck heres the most recent pic of me to compare.. UGH

Granted I know I had a baby 6 weeks ago.. but most of this came before him.. so as soon as I am cleared on thursday I am hoping to kick start it all :)

All of these were about 3-4 years ago...

This one I just like...

After going through this post the next thing I see is that smile in the post below.. MAN its worth it!!! :)

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