Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sittin and ALMOST smilin!

Yesterday I am sure I saw my little boy smile at me.. TWICE! but hes still figurin that out.. but today i thought hmm I wonder if that seat thing will work yet, being as hes so big.. so we just had fun watching him look around, he looked like he was thinking.. hmm this is a different view.. I was laughing so hard, he looks all big in that seat!!! and he almost thought that was funny too! :)

Excuse his baby acne! poor little thing.. he will be over that soon :) Doesnt he look like hes smiling in that first pic!! :)
Oh and we do have other clothes.. I guess we just like this one! It seems to have been in a lot of pics lately! :)

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suburban housefrau said...

H has the same Bumbo and footie jammies as Conor! (ok, I know it's Carter's)