Wednesday, June 03, 2009

whats up!

Hmmm I guess its been a quiet week.. we have laid low while momma works for a few days and I was sure Hendrix would be sick of watching cars but apparently not!

Still waiting on his eye drops to come in, I am really hoping these things make a difference in his walking and balance, or maybe we just need to realize hes going to be clumsy.. NO idea where he gets that!

I had another busy weekend with weddings and shooting, so Hendrix chilled with daddy most of the weekend. He got a new TV (its in our room - but it may as well be his!) so he got to watch his favorites bigger than before.

Baby #2 is doing great, kicking and kicking some more.. I am trying to monitor when hes really awake as i know it can dictate sleeping patterns when they are born.. i am wondering if I just need to lay down more during the day and trick him! LOL

4 more weddings in June and then we are DONE til baby comes.. then the nesting and the painting and the getting everything ready can start! under 4 months til hes here now.. and i am hoping sometime between now and then it all sinks in.. for all of us!

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