Monday, February 26, 2007

I am WAY TOO impatient!

I made an executive decision yesterday that I was just going to go and buy the dresser I have loved all along.. theres not much difference in cost.. and it matches the crib so well.. So I call Babies R Us and they have one and its the last one.. FATE I say! I get home, get Kent take off all excited that our baby room will look even more complete! When we get there they dont know what I am talking about! UGH.. The one that I like would have to be ordered.. it could take a week or 2 to come in.. why does this seem like FOREVER to me!

I decided to look around a little more this morning and with no luck I will just be ordering the one at BRU.. you watch it will take me 2 weeks to just order it now.. as I am also a procrastinator! LOL I cant win!

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