Thursday, February 22, 2007


I went back for more pictures with Sara at on Wednesday (at least I think it was Wednesday-who knows!) anyway we got some great images of Hendrix, I just havent had a chance to get them online yet! Anyway hes still cute, little nose, little lips.. Kent did mention.. wheres his ears.. so thats my next thing.. find his ears!!! Make sure they arent like daddies :) He mentioned today that all his features are recessive so chances are this kid will come out looking like his daddy, LUCKY BOY! :) Although he does have hair like daddy, a nice long mullet so far!!!

Anyway when measuring his head, it measured at ahead of what I am! Moving his date from May 6th to April 16th!!! So it seems he got a very large head from his daddy too! I do not pity Kents mother for delivering that head, but I may opt for a C section if the head gets THAT big!

so really its anything from 7 weeks to 10 weeks at this point.. its anyones game!!!

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