Monday, December 06, 2004

This weekend.. a review!!

OK so i was up at 4.45 on friday.. tried to take a nap and Hunter wouldnt let me! So i babysit and decorate the brides veil for the party. Go home and change and get to Aprils.. go on the bachelorette party which was a blast.. we really all had a good time!! All this in my control top tights that were for someone shorter and thinner than me!! Thatll teach me for talking on the phone while in Walgreens!!! I got home at about 4am. .. went to bed and then got up at 10 to go set up Jennifers wedding, left there at 4 or so and then came home to get ready (with the panty hose again) for a wedding.. this one went badly the reception at least.. all i can tell you is DO NOT use the Clarion in Fort Worth!! SO i got home at 11 or so. last minute stuff for jennifers wedding and then went to bed got up at 10 to go back and set up the BB room for them.. and then to the wedding.. left at 5ish after a perfect wedding.. and then took a nap and left again for Laurens Graduation party!!!

Its my day off today... i wanted a nice dinner with my husband.. i wanted to clean do laundry and make dinner... and hes working tonight :( oh well

i believe we are now scheduled for wednesday!LOL

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