Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Catch up..

In his new fav toy! :)

Sportin his Halloween costume!

Smiley boy! :)

This is what he does for most of the day... his hands are still so interesting to him.. after a month.. its crazy!

Our unsuccessful attempt at make Auntie L's great cupcakes... Kent is the baker in our house, and he worked carefully following instructions to make the cupcakes, and then went to the store to get charcoal, he told me to watch them and check them when the timer went off.. well I open the oven to find them spilling over and all over the oven! My first though was OMG I suck at baking and its all going to be my fault! LOL luckily Kent understood our mistake (filling them up too much). Right before dinner I asked him to "put them away" jokingly he said.. if I do that I wont be able to eat my dinner.. joker huh! so there he is putting them in the cake stand, EATING the parts of the side that had spilled over.. he said it was prefectly good cake ... alas he was not hungry for dinner! LOL

Hendrixs typical look!

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