Sunday, April 26, 2009

We'rrreeeeee BACCKKKKKK

Ok so Mommies been very lazy lately! With all these different outlets for internet expression I let my Blog go :( If you know me on Facebook etc.. you should be all up to date! :)

So its been what about 4 months :( man I really do suck! well we now have a TWO year old (as of today) and we also have a little brother on the way for said Two Year old ;)

In this picture hes a bit of an Alien, but I am hoping and praying for a baby that is as laid back and easy as Hendrix, we will see if that happens :)

Today Hendrix turns TWO, Its not as hard as ONE was, Hes just such a little man now, its funny to hear him try to tell me things that I dont understand, but we normally figure it out :) He knows his colors and numbers and can tell you about all the people in his family, his dogs and he has graduated from watching cars to Nemo! :)

"Baby Brudder" is now 16 weeks baked and due for a C Section in October :) Still no name, Daddy is still bitter that Cash has been used already, so we are trying to find something else.. with no luck thus far :( We have asked Hendrix a few times and we just get "Nemo". Saying that he knows that Baby is in mummies belly, hes been too sonograms and he will tell the sonographer "Baby Brudder" and point.. hes understanding it to a point, but we will see when he wants his stuff! :)

So Happy Birthday Little Man :)

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House of Brodt said...

AW!! Happy birthday, Hendrix! Hope you guys have a great day!