Monday, July 06, 2009

Baby Belly Update!

I keep going back and looking at where I was this time last time with Hendrix and figured today maybe I should write something about this one.. so i can look back one day and say.. Oh I remember that.. LOL

Well here we are 26 weeks, its the height of summer well at least I hope so.. we just got a break with 90 something degrees instead of 100... This last weekend was 4th of July and we celebrated in 102 weather.. I think I am crazy! although the nice part this time is the tan! that feels pretty good this time.. helps with the roundness!

So at 26 weeks I am up approx 10-11 pounds which I LOVE! I am assuming being as the baby is taking up some of that maybe hes eating away at other fatty areas! :) Hes about 2.5 pounds, and 14 inches long. I have another sono and appt next Wednesday so we will know more then, but hes growing good and kicking nicely.. hes certainly a mover! So I guess Hendrix is my musical one maybe this one is the dancing one! LOL

We have a name too... Jaxson Kincade! I am so excited, Hendrix calls him Baby Jax, and seems to have a good idea of what is going on, I have become addicted to baby shows, babies, pregnancy, delivery.. anything.. which may not be the best idea right now, but its good conditioning for Hendrix. He watches too and comes up and says to my belly.. "Baby Jax in here".. (or in dere) and loves on it and tries to look in my belly button. It makes me laugh that when he sees the baby born on TV and its all yucky and screaming he will say " awwww want baby" LOL hes such a lover!

We had started to try potty training with no luck :( he is wearing pull ups and will GO potty, but not GO if you know what i mean! hes got the routine down, we are just waiting on the motivation to actually do something.. but he has time!

Here is Baby Js most recent pic.. and it seems he may not have gotten the big head scott gene! which was my very first realization that this kid might look like me! :) Hendrix is ALLLL daddy, pretty eyelashes, curly hair and all.. maybe Baby Jax will come out with some nice dark hair! :)

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House of Brodt said...

You've got a cute baby bump! Can't believe he'll be here really soon!