Monday, November 15, 2004

Ahhhh Winter!

Well it was a somewhat relaxing weekend.. aside from the drunkness of Friday, the running around on Saturday and the shooting in the rain on Sunday! But Saturday night was great.. a fire, glass of wine, chinese food and a movie! The Day After Tomorrow.. pretty good movie.. not great.. but good for date night! If anyone has seen this its about people that end up getting very cold and freezing to death.. among other things.. and the advice all the way through the movie was stay inside and keep warm.. So we are inside by the fire.. the movie ends and Hunter wants to go outside and do his business... so i let him out while Kent went upstairs for something.. Kent comes down to hear scratching at the back door.. and his first thought was "GET HIM INSIDE" LOL he came running in the bedroom telling me how he thought HUnter was going to Freeze to death!! ITS TEXAS!!! lol

Apart from that I have a hacking cough a runny nose.. and what looks like the start of a cold! Great! oh and a butt load of work to do!!

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