Friday, November 05, 2004

Happy Friday!

This is my First Blog posting!! so we will see ... if i can keep it up!! LOL

Something to share!
While struggling at the gym and complaining all morning i didnt want to go.. I witnessed a small but wonderful exchange.. and it made me smile.. and think how lucky i am! I was working out on the weight machines.. and a older gentleman came through with a seeing eye dog.. the dog took him to each machine.. and he would say "No not that one" and he would take him to the next one.. eventually a young buff guy asked which machine he was looking for and directed him to it.. he smiled said thank you and approached it, the dog laid down for a while, while the man counted his repitions! I sat there and smiled.. and thought how determined the man was, and how i shouldnt complain about not wanting to DRIVE to the gym to work out.. Moments like that make me smile.. because life wasnt getting to that guy, he was enjoying his workout! Why should it get to me!! Have a Great Weekend and a Happy Friday!!!

Kent thinks i am sappy now!!

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