Monday, January 22, 2007

And today marks the end of COOKIES!

Today was our 25 week appointment.. Hendrix was busy BOUNCING all over.. while I was busy processing the 9 pounds I have gained in 4 weeks.. I knew it would come, I know it needs to.. but WOW thats ALOT in a short period! Although I am still only at 14 pounds total so far, and now apparently it will increase.. GREAT!

I am measuring 26.5 weeks (and I'm only just 25) so hes still measuring ahead, this means there is a good chance he will be here by 39 weeks (April 29th) and my Dr is all for induction! YES!

I got my nasty orange crap that I need to drink before my next appointment, which will be a peach let me tell you! I get to drink the nasty stuff, get a shot in my butt, and a bunch of blood taken! YAY! and all a week after turning 30!

We also got information that I know daddy will be OVERJOYED to see! The packet for the hospital classes :) oh what fun! :) Kent in a childbirth class.. *discuss*

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