Friday, January 05, 2007

The nursery BEFORE

So on New Years Eve our big day was spend taking down decorations and moving my desk to the living room.. I actually like it in here.. Kents normally in his room and I get the fire, the big screen.. the kitchen :)

Anyway I thought it was time to show you the befores, before we get to close to after..

This is the room after my desk was taken out.. WOW I have work to do!!

These are the current pics of the crib that we inherited from Hendrix' Auntie and his cousins... we thought we would change it up a bit.. and renovate it!

This is the "bin" I got at Carters that will be painted also and serve as a book shelf/toy chest..

Here are some more pictures of the progress on the crib, we still have to clear coat it and the part that i saw coated looked awesome!!! but its so dusty in the garage that we are going to do it in the room before we paint it! :)

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