Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Shopping

So one ore day of christmas shopping... and Hendrix has had it! LOL I got to the mall to meet Mimi today and i had no stroller.. the start of a great week I say... So I take in our 2 bags, our returns, and a leadweight baby! I get the car stroller that all the kids want.. and Hendrix gets in with blankets around him, as I am not sure that hes up to this yet.. turns out he loved it! :) He hung on to that stearing wheel for dear life and hung his arms out of the side..

Once Mimi left we had to go return one last thing, and by the time we got their Hendrix was fast asleep.. leaning against his shoulder.. he didnt look comfortable but he refused to wake up! LOL My son can sleep anywhere!.. and boy did he get some looks.. all this says to me is TOO MUCH SHOPPING MUMMY!

Thank god for camera phones.. otherwise moments like this might be lost! :)

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LK said...

Scruptous! What a good boy! I can't wait to get my hands on him!