Wednesday, December 12, 2007

'Tis the season!

Christmas is comign SOOO fast.. and I have been so busy I am scared its going to zooom right past me! :( I am hoping to be done next Mon/Tue and be able to relax and enjoy the season with Hendrix...

Today was a cool day we did holiday stuff.. we went and donated our angel gifts.. I took a picture of him with the gifts.. something else to remember!.. he charmed the pants of the ladies there (well not literally) but we told them we would be back every year, and I cant wait for him to be old enough to choose the toys to donate himself.. (daddy wont like it though - he loved buying spiderman and transformers stuff!). Then we went to Willowbend and visited with Santa number 2... he was very good.. I have that pic too but not right here! :) I will post that soon!

Tonight Kent and I noticed how hes changing (Hendrix not Kent) hes so smiley now.. and has his funny haha smile and then he has a cheese ball smile - or as mimi and papaw call it.. his bitter beer face... Its the cutest thing ever. Tonight we caught him looking into the mirror on his exersaucer and he stares and gets closer and closer and the cheese ball smiles and just cracks up at himself! Its the cutest thing! Hes getting very playful and charming, he is so much fun to be around!

So the pictures that arent here.. I will post ASAP.. just wanted to check in..

12 days til granpas birthday! ;)

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