Monday, January 03, 2011

Hello 2011.. its me the USELESS blogger!

Catch UP part ONE - the house!

So here we are in 2011 and I havent posted in probably ohhhh 6 months! This is ridiculous I was so good at it! Poor Jax its like we have nothing to say about him! :(

So heres a recap!
We bought our NEW home and built it.. may have been why I didnt have much time :( We bought it framed, we have AC, Electric, Plumbing put in, then it was sheetrocked in June. This was huge!!!

It was crazy to see it come together and look like a home! we were so excited and it all seemed worth all the work.. the living in 500 sq ft, the heat .. oh my god THE HEAT!

Next up was to get the inside put together and looking like ours!

Cabinets, appliances, Tile, wood floors! Looking back at these pictures I cant even imagine that we did as much as we did! (although there is still lots left!)

So here we are ALMOST a year later ,we are moved in, but still MUCH to do! more trim, lots of painting, some flooring and we havent even started on Kents man cave! We LOVE the space and adding another huge room is going to be nuts! one day we will need furniture!

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