Thursday, May 01, 2008

Birthday Trip!

With all the craziness leading to the birthday I had asked Kent if he could take of the Monday after, I knew it would be nuts and it would be fun to have a day to recover. So we slept late cleaned up, and headed to the Aquarium, I think this was Hendrixs third visit! We may need season passes next year! LOL We knew this time he would be soo much more interested.

The point in going on a Monday was that it would be quiet, no crowds.. hmmm we pull into the parking lot and see about 8 school buses.. DARN IT! Walking in there were no lines, as we are paying I notice a sign on the glass that says.. "we are expecting 739 school children today" Sweet Jesus WHAT! OY! well we didnt get there until about 1 so there must have only been about oooo 200 left! so glad we didnt venture there early in the day!

Anyway we had lots of fun, and Hendrix was so much more interested this time, it was very cool to watch!

My baby boy and me!

Hendrix and Daddy, we have this same picture from one of our other visits.. so cute!

Kent took this one and it was so cute, he got very interested in the fishies!

I couldnt help but get a shot in the overhead aquarium, I have some more in the shark one, but they arent downloaded yet! :)

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