Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bye bye curls!

Well not all of them! Just a few stagglers and strays! :) 

I asked my DH to do Hs hair! I walk in and see him with scissors.. after crying WAIT! and he looked at me all worried I said "I have to get my camera!" LOL So I proceeded to get a few shoots of the curls coming off and then we put the curls in Godmother Caroles little jar :)  we even sealed it with super glue so they couldnt get lost! LOL He made me say goodbye to them! 

I know there is lots of firsts but first curls are always tough.. and while his appearance has barely changed I know hes growing WAY too fast!  :( 


Sainz Family said...

Can't beleive you cut my nephews hair!!! Love you guys!! Better keep an eye on me...might just drop in...you know how I do it!!

House of Brodt said...

OMG! How adorable! Hendrix is too darn cute I tell ya! Hudson needs a haircut so bad right now it's a bit ridiculous. must.make.haircut.appointment.soon!