Thursday, May 01, 2008

One Year check up!

Pic croutesy of MRS Mcnosky images :)

So after all the hoopla of cake and celebrations it was time to head in for our One Year Check up on Tuesday!

It seems like such a huge difference from the 9 month appointment, I was eager to see how he was doing, and hear about the changes we were about to make!

At this appointment we learned that Hendrix is 31 inches(90 percentile for height) 21.5 pounds (25th percentile for weight) and still has a huge head! LOL The Dr was very impressed by him and all hes learned he gave him an A+ and an excellent which apparently doesnt get handed out very often! Of course Hendrix showed off a little, clapping and waving at him! :)

We may go to see a baby eye person (because I cant spell it) as I think he has a lazy eye.. the Dr didnt notice too much but said if we were concerned that we could go.. so we will see! :)

We took them a One year picture too and everyone oooed and ahhhhed and commented on his big eyes, curly hair! He made me very proud! :)

Oh and we also found out that he IS teething, I thought he was I just couldnt see much, because he wouldnt let me! Hes getting his 2 cuspids, they are apparently going to come in "any minute!" and 4 teeth on the bottom.. at the SAME time! yet aside for some waking up and wanting to hug during the day, which is FINE by me, he is just fine and happy :)

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April said...

Gosh, someone should HIRE that photographer- SHE is fabulous!!!