Thursday, May 01, 2008

Busy Busy weekend!!

So I learnt my lesson on first birthdays this week, while I spent days getting ready, doing things around the house, it occured to me on Saturday that there is no point.. and all it does is take you away from your little one! which is why it then changed to being up til 2 each night .. although I couldnt sleep so thats my excuse! LOL

We had a great birthday though, lots of friends and plenty of food.. so much we had 2 rounds of people! LOL but it was so nice to hang out with friends and celebrate Hendrixs birthday, and my BIRTHday..

Hendrix helped a little with getting ready!

By the time his birthday came he had the cake thing DOWN! we had (and actually still have soo much cake!) it was a steal!

he got so many presents he loved, his car, his chair, things that light up and he recently figured out remote controls and what they do, so he even got his first remote control toy!

It was so crazy while everyone was there but we managed to get a pic of the stragglers! ;)

After everyone left he crawled and played outside and surprise the camera was still out!

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