Saturday, March 10, 2007

32 weeks!!!

Ever since I got pregnant my very experience sister in law has told me how I will worry about this pregnancy all the way through, and while the worry doesnt end as you progress, at 32 weeks her doctors have always told her, your golden! :)

All week I have been thinking yay 32 weeks this week! it feels like the end .. but with a few more weeks for good measure!

The whole experience really has been great, I have had no restrictions, apart from a few days of bedrest, which was probably a good idea at the time! It hasnt slowed me down, god forbid! Today I am doing 3 shoots and 4 hours at Carters! :) I also have 2 weddings left before this one pops out!

I am extremely thankful that I have had such a great pregnancy, it has allowed me to enjoy it, and probably made life easier on Kent! although he didnt get off scott free (hehe) hes experienced my share of melt downs, and exhaustion and screaming fits, not that they have happened too much!


LK said...

Yeah! You are offically GOLDEN! Now time will just start creeping by. Enjoy the quiet nights HEHE! lk

April said...

i think the pregnancy worries is just to get you started for what you will feel everyday for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! I was NEVER a worrier UNTIL i became a MOM! and to think I have to live with these sickening feelings of what COULD happen...but I just keep telling myself Mason has the best guardian angel ever (my mom) so I'm sure she'll watch out for Hendrix too! :) (although Mason & Rilee must be keeping her busy! LOL)