Thursday, March 29, 2007


Well I guess its good and bad... I am allowed to shoot tomorrow but I am still actually on bedrest.. well house arrest, my BP was good today, but we are still watching it. And also waiting to see if all the pee I collected, i know great huh, has anything to tell them.

She did say that chances are Little H will be here in 3 weeks.. MAN that is soon.. but I can bet that those 3 weeks will drag like heck! It will feel like 3 months.. UGH... The only change will come if my BP shoots up and then he will come right away! SCARIER!

They are also sending a home nurse to show me how to do my BP (apparently without my fancy digital wrist thing - how boring) and test my pee.. YAY! I cant wair for that..

So I guess its time to get ready, buy stuff online.. LOL and sit back and wait for the little princes arrival! :)

Get Comfy!

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