Monday, March 05, 2007

Not so big after all :)

Now that was a relief to mommys ears!! But you never know he may grow 2 pounds before next time :)

Mimi, April, Mason and I all went to meet Mr Hendrix today! It was so cool to see him, and today he was sucking his thumb constantly and getting quite cosy with the placenta! OH and hes head down now.. which I guess is good.. Just managed to scare me to death about labor again.. gotta get back to those books! :)

We got some good shots of him but this 2d profile was the best! I think he was sucking his thumb here too.. and his nose is kinda pushed into the placenta.. but its the lips that get me! and I realised tonight.. they remind me of cousin Noah! - take a peak at Lesleys blog to meet Noah.. and see his pretty face! I keep saying I hope to god I have a little boy like Mason and Noah.. Mason is laid back.. so far.. and Noah just as the most tender heart, I dont know that I could handle a boy with headstrong personality.. it would be all down to daddy!:)

Oh yea and heres me all round.. I swear it was like carrying around a volleyball today!! hes high and round for whatever reason.. I guess I am short and theres not many other places to go! LOL

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