Saturday, March 17, 2007

49 days! OMG~

Well its really coming thick and fast now! he could be here in 5 or 6 weeks and I really feel he will be! Right now he is weighing in at around 4.65 pounds and gaining like a champ! He is actually head down, when both and I the Dr thought he wasn't, apparently he has a boney butt.. like his dad! He has some HUGE lips! and LOVES to suck his thumb in all recent pics hes been sucking on it! Heres a new pic.. I have detailed some areas (those arent part of him LOL)
All of that white around his head is actually hair! apparently he has ALOT of it.. and in some of the pics it looks like its curly.. and while he was sucking his thumb when I was there.. (and LICKING the Placenta.. ewwww) his lips were all big too.. Not sure where he gets that.. I am sure we will see when he gets here! It may be cause he's getting squished in there! :) But he looks great..

His size has him here anytime between April 18th.. and April 27th.. I think the 24thish! :) Place your bets now!

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Anonymous said...

Sara! April 27 is a good birthday - it's my birthday! It's the perfect time of year. Here's hoping! :-)

-Knottie Deena