Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here we are at 35 weeks!

WOW its all really gone so fast, granted this week feels like it lasted FOREVER! but all in all we really are in the home stretch! With only 3 weeks to go I cant believe how soon Little H will be here. Some days I feel completely ready, and others I am still unsure whats going on, and find it hard to believe theres a little person in my belly!

I did get a call from the Dr yesterday to check up on me, and she let me know there was no protein in all the pee I had collected for a day! So that is great news, as it means I dont have Pre Eclampsia, I just have Gestational Induced Hypertension. So I guess thats good :) I maintained fairly good BP yesterday and slept like BABY (one that sleeps) last night.. it was so nice!!!

This weekend I will just finish getting things together at home, and started ordering the things we needed online :) Thats the way to do it on bedrest... that way I get stuff in the mail everyday! :)

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