Monday, March 26, 2007

Off to bed I go....

I had lots to do today, Drs appt, 2 shoots, shopping..

HA.... I got to my Drs Appt and and as part of the reg routine they took my blood pressure and the nurse looked a little confused, so she did it again, and told me that it was 140/90, now I really have no idea what these numbers mean, but I do know thats not what I am normally at! I have always been praised for great blood pressure... hey its nice to get something right! :)

So I go back to my Dr and she also checks it .. TWICE.. still up there... Then she says, OK I need you to go straight to the Hospital (next door) and be evaluated. In typical ME fashion I say, when you say "straight next door" what do you mean.. is 3pm ok! :) after agreeing that I can go do my 2 shoots.. I leave, then it all starts to sink in and I get a little nervous!

I go back to the hospital at 3.30 and had no idea how uncomfortable I would feel, I mean they are there to take care of you, but just being in a hospital gown, on a hospital bed, with all the things surrounding me that they need to deliver babies, scared the living CRAP outta me!

I was hooked up to machines, for the babys heart, contractions, my BP there was beeping and noises and heartbeats, the BP machine sounded like a computer game when it was finished getting your pressure.. which was a little amusing.. but no where near as amusing as Kent in a hospital room.. LOL switches, and light and OMG the controls on the bed WHY put them on the outside where he can get them... I am laying there with my head and legs going up and down! It did lighten the moment though.. He decided he liked the chair in the room, so at least he will be comfy :)

Anyway so long story not so short, the Dr came in and said that I was allowed to go home, on bed rest, and that I would be checked again on Thursday. If I am really lucky I will be allowed to shoot on Friday... its a BIG day! If the worst happens I will be admitted on hospital bedrest.. so for the next 2 days I am IN bed and relaxing :)

SOOOO Bring on the rain! and the girlie movies.. We got home tonight and Kent changed the bed, ran me a bath, made me some soup and then sent me to bed, its comfy right now, we will see how I feel tomorrow ;) I have a machine for my BP too so that will be fun to follow.

Stay Tuned...

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