Monday, March 12, 2007

Sleep is for the weak!

Saturday was officially a KICK YOUR ASS day! I had 3 shoots and then went and worked at Carters til 9.30! I got home and I was pretty beat.. Kent had had the day off, and so when I got home I got a big hug and I must have looked pretty beat. I told him how there was NO good snack food in the house, and how I had gotten up in the middle of the night and there was no crap to eat! LOL So we made cupcakes!

Then, as I am waddling around on my sore feet he says, "When you want number 2 I will remind you of this!" I looked at him and while we were both smirking said, it took you 32 weeks to say that! his response was, well.. I was hoping you would get pregnant and then realise how horrible it was and never want to do it again!, and YOU go and have an easy pregnancy and enjoy the whole thing! I realised I had enjoyed it, but Saturday had officially kicked my ass!

Sunday wasnt sooo bad.. still kinda busy.. and now I have 2 days off! so why was I wide awake at 6am with 5 hours of sleep... who the heck knows.. but I WILL be napping today! ;)

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