Monday, March 26, 2007

One less date!!!

So for months I have been more than looking forward to my shower! :) Friends, and Food and Gifts! My shower was great and so cute! I got to see people I hadnt seen in a while, and that was also wonderful. But upon getting home I realised, OK so I had been looking forward to that for so long, the only big thing left now is the baby! (I do have 2 more big photo dates on the 30th and the 7th - then I am off!) But for the shower to be done, more stuff in the nursery, and having heard wait for your shower for months, now its up to us to make sure we have all we need to welcome Little H!

This more than stressed me out a little last night, it led to freaking out about a stupid light in the nursery, and I THANK Kent for his patience with me. We got it fixed, played with our new toys in the nursery, the Diaper Champ is a big hit with Kent, I think because of the minimal time it takes to put it together.. he hasnt figured out why we need a bumbo seat, I told him it helps the baby sit up before he can really do it for himself, his response.. " wait til he's ready" LOL. At midnight after all this fun we turned in. Now I have to figure out what we need to finish it off! :)

Here are a couple of pictures of my massiveness at my shower.. I really wasnt aware how huge I am! But like I keep saying once the baby comes out, he's 70 pounds now ;) and the placenta, which I have been told is VERY healthy, probably another 50pounds! I will leave that hospital looking like Nicole Richie! :) Believe me I am under no misconceptions, just hope that I can get rid of it all once I am home! :) I was excited that I got to wear a non PG shirt, and non PG pants to my shower! :) Although shoes are a whole NOTHER story!! :)

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